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I am a translator and interpreter for English, French and Spanish and an ESP/EFL teacher as well. I teach at the Social Communication School at the Central University of Venezuela. Currently, I am doing a master’s program in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, which has been helping me to improve and complete my expertise on the teaching of second languages. I have taught English and French for eleven years now and I have worked with students of all different ages, meeting their needs on areas such as speaking, reading, listening and writing. I also teach private sessions for professionals who need to learn or improve their language level. Nowadays, most of my students are doctors and engineers who want to develop their skills to keep updated with their fields. I also translate a variety of texts for individuals and companies which require the service.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hi everybody!!
I warmly welcome you to my blog. This blog is intended to share my experiences and learn much more about Information and Comunication Technologies (ICT).
ICT is the name of an interesting subject I am doing at my master's program in the Central University of Venezuela, taught by professor Evelyn Izquierdo, who has applied many of the newest technological tools to her teaching context.
This subject was created to teach participants the wide variety of technology available in today's world, how this can be used and applied to our specific teaching context and to improve and "refresh" our traditional teaching/learning methods.
Thanks for checking my blog.
Beatriz Peñín

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